Paid premieres for Agnyaathavaasi in news again?

Wednesday Jan 03, 2018
Agnyavthavaasi paid premieres original

Paid premieres for Agnyaathavaasi in news again?

Well! The paid premieres screenings in Hyderabad news is again back in buzz and excitement is seen on the social media about the paid premieres planning and other details related to the movie.

The production house however did not provide any update yet on any such screening and so it still is unclear whether the premieres in Hyderabad will be screened. Fans however are hoping that such screenings be held as it would be a positive boost from the team showing their confidence on the product.

The premieres in the US are being planned as usual and the distributor is making sure the film gets a grand release with shows starting from afternoon on the 9th in the US.

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