Pantham unit taking a chance

Tuesday Jul 03, 2018
Pantham release on 5th original

Pantham unit taking a chance

The unit of Gopi Chand’s upcoming movie titled Pantham is taking a chance with its release date and the movie would be releasing on the 5th of July, meaning a Thursday release.

This would mean that the premieres of the film will be screened from the 4th in the US which is a holiday there. The makers are wanting to cash in on the holiday advantage in the US and seem to take a chance releasing the movie on a weekday in India.

Gopichand is never strong in the US as his movies cater to mass audience more and this move now is a big gamble the unit is taking with the release. The movie would start to at least 20% less opening given that it is a Thursday release in India. It will be interesting to see if the US opening would cover up this gap.

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