Pawan Kalyan’s forced another?

Monday Feb 12, 2018
Pspk26 movie launch original

Pawan Kalyan’s forced another?

Strong buzz in the industry circles is that Power Star and his title will be appearing on screen yet again before he goes into the 2019 elections and in all probability, April might be launch date for this film.

As it is already known, Mythri Movie Makers will be bankrolling this venture and the news on whether the story will be a remake is now hanging at 50%. Well, that’s not all it, there’s more to story.

The making of the film is not all a happy one and Pawan Kalyan is being forced to do this film, not as in physical force but monetary. The hero has taken a lump sum advance from the production house and in case he decides against making a film, he will have to return the amount, which in his current situation his aides say is next to impossible.

Whatever may be the reasons, Pawan fans have something to cheer about but they would only hope that he makes the film with some interest.

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