Pawan’s script goes to Gopi?

Tuesday Mar 13, 2018
Gopichand next movie director original

Pawan’s script goes to Gopi?

Gopichand has now gotten to his kitty another movie and he will be joining hands with Santhosh Srinivas who’s earlier directed films like Kandireega and Rabhasa.

Santhosh has been waiting to direct a movie with Pawan Kalyan for a while and with Pawan Kalyan confirming that he wouldn’t be acting in movies anytime until 2019, the director seems to have gotten to Gopi who’s now impressed with the director’s script.

Whether it is the same script or no is yet to be known but if it does turn out to be, then it will be sentimental boost to Gopichand as the scripts that Pawan has let go have all become blockbusters for other heroes, some of them career defining movies as well.

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