Petta producer makes controversial comments

Monday Jan 07, 2019
Petta producer comments on telugu movies original

Petta producer makes controversial comments

Rajinikanth’s upcoming Pongal release Petta is facing a hard time finding theatres in the Telugu states with three films already competing at the box office and this now has led to the Telugu distributor for the film making some controversial comments.

The distributor resorted to some foul language cursing the bigwigs of Tollywood distribution and production comparing them with mafia and has even took a step forward that these should be encountered like Naeem, a goon who was shot dead few months ago.

Comments in netizens are nowhere supportive of Petta however and comments on why this had to release now amidst such competition from straight films are a majority than sympathizing with the cry.

Can he still make some noise to get noticed? Let’s wait and watch.

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