Raja The Great day 2 collections AP/TG

Friday Oct 20, 2017
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Raja The Great day 2 box office collections

Raja The Great is minting good collections at the box office and the second day which took off to an excellent start when compared to first day slowly was dominated by Diwali effect getting to evening and the film still managed to mint decent shares on day 2 from across the Telugu states.

Following are the day 2 collections of the movie in AP/TG

          Nizam                             -         1.86 Cr       

          Ceded                              -         0.70 Cr      

          UA                                   -         0.48 Cr      

          Krishna                           -         0.35 Cr       

          Guntur                            -         0.29 Cr      

          East                                 -         0.27 Cr       

          West                                -         0.24 Cr      

          Nellore                            -         0.14   Cr

          Total AP/TG day 2        -         4.33   Cr

          Total 2 days AP/TG       -         9.23 Cr       


P.S: These numbers are collected from different sources and are approximate. Actuals may vary.


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