Raja The great day 3 collections share AP/TG

Saturday Oct 21, 2017
Raja the great day 3 collections original

Raja The great day 3 collections share AP/TG

Ravi Teja’s Raja The Great is unstoppable and the film has feasted on the box office on its day 3. Being a working day, the film managed to mint superb collections across the Telugu states and the numbers posted have bettered the film’s day 1 collections stating the fact of a strong word of mouth.

Following are the day 3 collections of the movie in AP/TG

          Nizam                             -                   1.48 Cr

          Ceded                              -                   0.55 Cr

          East                                 -                   0.30 Cr

          West                                -                   0.21 Cr

          Krishna                           -                   0.22 Cr

          Guntur                            -                   0.18 Cr

          Nellore                            -                   0.12 Cr

          UA                                   -                   0.44 Cr

          Total day 3 AP/TG        -                   3.5 Cr

          Total 3 days AP/TG       -                   12.73 Cr

P.S: These numbers are collected from different sources and are approximate. Actuals may vary.


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