Raja The Great day 4 collections share AP/TG

Sunday Oct 22, 2017
Raja the great day 4 collections original

Raja The Great day 4 collections share AP/TG

Ravi Teja’s Raja The Great is continuing the good run and is looking to close in on the 19 crore mark by the weekend from the Telugu speaking states alone. The film needs to collect 31+ crores to be called a hit and if the current form is to continue, the film will breakeven by next week.

Following are the day 4 collections of Raja The Great from AP/TG

          Nizam                             -                   1.27 Cr

          Ceded                              -                   0.40 Cr

          UA                                   -                   0.40 Cr

          East                                 -                   0.20 Cr

          West                                -                   0.16 Cr

          Krishna                           -                   0.17 Cr

          Guntur                            -                   0.18 Cr

          Nellore                            -                   0.09 Cr

          Total day 4 AP/TG        -                   2.87 Cr

          Total AP/TG 4 days       -                   15.6 Cr


P.S: These numbers are collected from different sources and are approximate. Actuals may vary.


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