Raja the Great disappoints over the weekend

Tuesday Oct 24, 2017
Raja the great us collections original

Raja the Great disappoints over the weekend

Ravi Teja’s Raja The Great which was performing well in the US on weekdays was expected to double the numbers in the weekend and contrary to what has been expected, the film has done a poor weekend in the US.

The film only managed to mint in humble numbers with the Saturday making 55k$ while the Sunday managed to collect 28k$ which is a performance below par. The total now stand at 320k$+.

The film however has managed to have a decent weekend in the Telugu speaking states with it minting 5.5+ crores from the 2 days. The film now stands at 20+ crore worldwide for the first 5 days and the first week is expected to stand close to 23 crores with the breakeven figures expected to be breached by the third week.

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