Raja The Great intensify promotions

Tuesday Oct 17, 2017
Raja the great promotions original

Raja The Great intensify promotions

Ravi Teja’s Raja The Great which is slated for a release this Diwali is now looking to make the most out of the release and the unit are now involved in a series of promotions with only 2 days for the release.

The film has already created some buzz to it with an offbeat yet commercial trailer and with the songs also doing rounds in the internet now, the film is expected to open well with the masses.

Ravi Teja is playing the role of a blind guy in the movie and the concept is sure to revolve around the same concept and his hearing seems to be a major point in the film, if the trailer is anything to go by. The trailer also promises loads of action along with comedy and if the comedy clicks out well, then the film can expect to perform well at the US box office as well.

Ani Ravipudi is the director of the film with Mehreen Pirzzada playing the female lead.

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