Raja The Great nearing completion

Thursday Sep 21, 2017
Raja the great shooting update original

Raja The Great nearing completion

The unit of Ravi Teja’s Raja the Great is fast commencing its shooting formalities and the unit has completed the talkie portion of its shoot by canning a fight sequence in Raighad, a fight sequence on a running train.

The unit is only left with the songs now and they will soon be starting canning the same with which the shooting will be completed and the movie will be getting to the post-production formalities soon.

A release date is yet to be zeroed in for the film but a possible date for Diwali is being heard now.

Ravi Teja has paired up with Mehreen Pirzzada for the movie which is being directed by Anil Ravipudi.

The teaser of the film has already opened to decent response and the unit would only hope to get better on buzz getting to the release.

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