Raja The Great trailer nears 2 million

Saturday Oct 07, 2017
Raja the great trailer views original

Raja The Great trailer nears 2 million

Ravi Teja who is eyeing a grand comeback to Tollywood is seeming to get to his target with promoting his film right and his upcoming release which has been titled Raja the Great’s theatrical trailer which released a few hours earlier has opened to good response and shows all promise of an action entertainer.

The trailer is now nearing the 2 million mark in views and the response to the trailer has also been very good. Unlike the teaser which opened to poor response, the trailer promises entertainment, action along with some interesting chemistry between the lead pair Ravi teja and Mehreen Pirzzada.

Ravi Teja plays a blind guy in the movie and the dialogues featured in the trailer seem to be revolving around this sole point, a bit of fun element also added to them.

All said, the movie’s unit have made their drama clear and have created that interest on the movie which should now open well should the unit concentrate on some aggressive promotions.

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