Rajamouli will make it: Vijayendra Prasad

Wednesday Sep 13, 2017
Ssrajamouli cameo in majnu cinemagala original original

Rajamouli will make Mahabharatham

We need not mention again what the dream project of ace director Rajamouli is as he has mentioned it a million times now and his wish is to direct the story of Mahabharatham on the big screen.

Vijayendra Prasad who is the story and script provider to Rajamouli for his films is confident that Rajamouli will make the film and that he is awaiting the start of it.

If at all it gets to rails, Rajamouli mentioned that it will be a 7 year long effort which will be made in 4 parts with actors needless to be mentioned to be featuring from industries across the nation.

Vijayendra Prasad is currently awaiting the release of his directorial venture Sri Valli which is touted to be a scientific thriller. The film is slated for a release this Friday.

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