Ram starts his next

Wednesday Nov 29, 2017
Ram16 trinadh rao nakkina dil raju original

Ram starts his next

Energetic star Ram has started his next and he will be joining hands with Trniadh Rao Nakkina for his 16th film which has been officially announced a little while earlier.

The movie will be produced by Dil Raju who’s also earlier produced Nenu Local with Nani under the same banner with the same director. This will be yet another time that Dil Raju does a film with a director he’s introduced.

The film will be getting to floors in February and is expected to be releasing in the second half of 2018. Ram has had an average last outing in Vunnadhi Okate Zindagi and he’d be expecting this film to turn out big for his cause.

More details on the cast and crew soon.

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