Ravi Teja disappointed and not

Monday Oct 16, 2017
Raja the great ravi teja speech original

Ravi Teja disappointed and not

Mass Maharaj Ravi Teja has spoken his heart out at the pre-release event of his upcoming release Raja The Great and shared his moments of joy and pain with his fans.

He said he was disappointed with the selection of some of his scripts and promised his fans that he would try not to do the same mistake again. And speaking of his gap of 2 years with no films, he said that he isn’t wiling on the time lost and that he would look to make up for lost time in the future.

In short, the actor is disappointed on some of his prior films and not on his 2 years gap to movies.

He would only expect that Raja The Great turns out a blockbuster for him and get him back to winning habits again and tell you what, he seems like he has a hit coming his way.

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