Robo 2 Telugu business at exorbitant prices

Thursday Nov 08, 2018
Robo2 apts rights prices original

Robo 2 Telugu business at exorbitant prices

Super Star Rajinikanth’s upcoming movie 2 point 0 is now gearing up for the final leg of its promotions and the movie which is slated for a grand release on the 29th is now making its noise with its business in Telugu states.

The movie is being sold at exorbitant prices, almost equaling the business of top stars in Tollywood. AP rights are being sold at a 40 crore ratio with East Godavari alone said to be sold for more than 6 crores. These are huge prices and unless the movie gets a blockbuster talk, the loss could be unimaginable.

True that the first instalment of the movie has done great business in the Telugu states but this movie at this juncture does not have all the hype that the first one had and neither is Shankar in his prime nor Rajinikanth.

The promotional cuts for now seem to be encouraging but the emotional showcase from the movie has been on the lower side. If they get to mix the right dose of it, then there’s no looking back.

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