RRR an independence struggle?

Thursday Jul 19, 2018
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RRR an independence struggle?

Is Rajamouli’s next based on the struggle for Independence? Is it set up in the early 20th century? The answers to these questions seem to be a yes at this moment and as expected, no official news has flown out of the director’s camp on the story.

Buzz is that the film will be based on two young guns who played key role in the struggle for independence of India and that the movie would be high on emotions and actions. The scenes between NTR and Charan are still to be charted out by the writers last heard.

The story if true, will be having a pan India appeal and with Rajamouli at work, emotions will be playing high on the audience. And if he does click to grab enough attention, the movie might well be on its way to another Indian blockbuster.

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