Sahasam swasaga sagipo audio update

Wednesday May 04, 2016
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Well, tollywood is ringing new tunes this week. Starting from A Aa to young aspirant movies, there've been 3 audio releases this week and adding to the list seems Naga Chaitanya starrer Sahasame Swaasaga Saagipo. The movie's audio is being waited upon by the audience given that A.R.Rahman is composing it attributed to the fact that all his bilingual music ventures have been blockbusters.
This Gowtham Menon directorial has been shooting at a brisk pace and the movie teasers have generated some buzz with some action episodes. One of the teasers have been released with on shoot sounds for the first time and to tell you more, it was a bold move which paid off. A.R.Rahman has been busy is the word we hear from our sources and to confirm the same, Kona Venkat tweeted that the unit is waiting for the ace music director to turn up for the audio release.
So the longing is supposed to end when Rahman is back and the million dollar question would be "When would that be?". Well, we have limited information about the date and so we'd suffice you with "soon". Let's hope the wait is short. Keep watching this space for updates.


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