Samantha now an ambassador of Akkineni

Monday Oct 16, 2017
Samantha on being akkineni original

Samantha now an ambassador of Akkineni

Samantha has now turned a brand ambassador for Akkineni and she’s probably used the word Akkineni than all of the family combined the past few days, of course most of them answers to questions from media.

It started with her changing her twitter name from Samantha Ruth Prabhu to Samantha Akkineni and has been showered with question on the name change from then on. Samantha has also been answering the questions diligently and mentioned that the name Akkineni would be a responsibility now and that she would try her best to keep the name high.

While the name Akkineni needs no special mention in the Telugu speaking states, Samantha’s inclusion now seems to have made the word a common one for the past few days, all for good reasons though.

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