Satellite sentiment for Jr fans?

Wednesday Aug 08, 2018
Aravinda sametha satellite price original

Satellite sentiment for Jr fans?

NTR’s upcoming movie is all over the news with little updates and expectations and fans now are feeling sentimental about one update that is out of the cracks now.

News is that the satellite rights of the movie Aravinda Sametha have been bagged by Zee Telugu for a whopping price of 23 crores+ which is a highest in Tollywood. While this is all great news, the channel which has bagged the movie is the cause of sentiment to fans now.

The reason for this are a couple of things, one that none of NTR Jr’s movies bagged by Zee Telugu were hits, movies like Ramayya Vasthavayya and the second, Zee Telugu has a poor record for airing blockbuster movies of top Telugu heroes, meaning the movies they bagged of top telugu heroes turned out duds.

While this is just another funny stat, fans are feeling sentimental about this update and are just hoping that the movie would rise against the odds and turn out a blockbuster, a much awaited one.

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