Savyasachi inside info

Thursday Nov 01, 2018
Savyasachi inside talk original

Savyasachi inside info

Naga Chaitanya is gearing up for the release of his upcoming offering Savyasachi and the movie would be opening to screening worldwide from tomorrow. Here’s some insider news about the film and how it would be.

The film is said to be an encouraging one for Akkineni fans and has all the ingredients to become a blockbuster. The first half is said to be setting up the premise with introducing the hero’s abilities with a pinch of comedy which is said to have worked in parts. Twist in the tale would be a mishap to the family and the story is said to have picked up pace from then.

Second half has some high octane action sequences with a couple of them turning out well. Confrontation scenes between Chay and Madhavan seem to have come out well and these scenes form the heart of the film. Three songs are good on screen.

All said, it is said that this film will be a winner at the box office and whether it becomes a blockbuster will be decided by how the second half is embraced by the audience.

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