Spyder crosses 150 crore gross

Monday Oct 09, 2017
Spyder 150 crores gross poster original

Spyder crosses 150 crore gross

Don’t be surprised, not just yet. Yes, Spyder has crossed the 150 crore gross mark as claimed by the unit of the film.

The film which opened to screening on the 27th of September has opened to below par response from across cordons and the film never really managed to take off at the box office except for some stellar premieres.

The film has been sold for astronomical prices in the Telugu speaking states and the performance at the box office hinted at huge losses across all regions and some distributors also are said to be making appeals to the producers to mitigate their losses incurred due to the film.

While this is the status, the PRO team of the film have been releasing posters with some stupendous grosses and with the latest gross mentioned in the poster, a pessimistic consideration of share for that gross would be 75 crores which would make the film an average fare at the box office at the least which doesn’t seem to be the case however.

It is not sure what the publicizing unit are up to. What will a film which collects such a huge amount be called? A “Blockbuster” and yes, they are calling it one. But is it really one? We leave it to your discretion how you take it.

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