Spyder teaser impresses

Wednesday Aug 09, 2017
Mahesh spyder teaser original

Spyder teaser impresses

Mahesh Babu’s Spyder tease has finally been opened to public viewing on the occasion of his birthday and true to the hype being given for a while, the trailer impresses with the quality and content.

The teaser concentrates on the core plot of the movie which seems to be the mind games between the hero and a psychotic villain who uses weaponry (probably chemical?) to cause mass destruction and most part of the teaser concentrates on the same aspect with Mahesh having the last say.

It should be said that it is mostly S J Suryah’s teaser more than Mahesh’s but the unit seems to have concentrated on the plot. Rakul’s get up might not be all that impressive.

The only flip side of the teaser would be the poor vfx quality and better output might be expected with a couple of months left for the movie’s release.

All said, it is an impressive teaser which should set the tone of the movie right and the expectations going as well.

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