Subramanyapuram trailer intrigues

Thursday Nov 22, 2018
Subramanyapuram trailer review original

Subramanyapuram trailer intrigues

Sumanth who’s had a bad last outing with Malli Rava is testing his luck with box office again and his next title Subramanyapuram is gearing up for a release soon.

The theatrical trailer of the film has been released earlier and has opened to good response. The plot seems to be revolving around mishaps in a village where everyone thinks that a supernatural force is behind all such happenings. Sumanth tries to break the truth out of it and the story seems to be about how he does all this.

Eesha Rebba is playing his love interest in the film and she seemed okay. Suresh looked to have gotten a meaty role again and it will have to be seen how he will be received in an important role.

All said, it is a good trailer for the film which should interest the audience. The only flips side to it being its resemblance to blockbuster Karthikeya starring Nikhil.

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