Sushanth vs Adivi Sesh this week

Thursday Aug 02, 2018
Goodachari vs chilasow original

Sushanth vs Adivi Sesh this week

This weekend is featuring another couple of small budget movies release and it will be Sushanth versus Adivi Sesh who will be fighting at the box office this Friday.

Sushanth’s Chilasow directed by Rahul Ravindran is making its way to screens this week and the teasers of the film have been received with good applause. This family entertainer will be facing competition from a thriller in Goodachari featuring Adivi Sesh and Shobita in lead roles. This film has also got to itself some buzz going with an excellent trailer.

It will be interesting to see which one gets an upper hand at the box office and the advances trends seem similar for both the movies.

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