Taxiwala back in buzz

Monday Nov 12, 2018
Taxiwala back in buzz original

Taxiwala back in buzz

Vijay Deverakonda’s Taxiwala is back on buzz and the movie is now up and running with the release slated in less than a week’s time.

It is already known that the film is slated for a release on the 17th and the unit has been successful in getting back the buzz after the film has lost all its steam due to multiple postponements.

Adding to this, the whole movie has been leaked online making it a difficult situation for the producers on whether to release the film in theatres or in social movie streaming platforms.

Finally, the movie seems to have gotten some buzz after all and it will have to be seen how the film fares at the box office given all that’s happened.

For now, this horror comedy promise is all set to it the screens on the 17th.

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