Taxiwala does a good weekend

Monday Nov 19, 2018
Taxiwala box office performance original

Taxiwala does a good weekend

Vijay Deverakonda’s Taxiwala which took to a decent start on its opening day has had a good weekend, a great one given its limited release and the movie is now looking at profits and a recovery of budget within no time.

The movie is already a breakeven affair in the US and if the movie does manage to hold its ground over the weekdays, then it will sure end up another hit in Vijay’s career.

This should be a commendable feat given the full movie has been leaked a while ago and again just before the release. To still mint collections after all this only personifies his hold at the box office.

Today would be an important status check for the movie and if it does manage to hold its ground, it will end up another super hit for Vijay.

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