Taxiwala go or no-go?

Monday Sep 03, 2018
Taxiwala not to release in theatres original

Taxiwala go or no-go?

Well! When everything seems to be going right for Vijay Deverakonda, he’s now faced with a situation and guess what, Vijay seems to be favoring the side which is leading to a path never treaded before in Tollywood.

Remember his movie Taxiwala? This movie’s release is now a hot topic in the film circles and a final call doesn’t seem to have been taken by the unit.

Reportedly, the hero isn’t fully satisfied with the output of the movie and so isn’t wanting to waste his recent found glory on the same. And so a release in online streaming partners like Netflix or Amazon prime is being suggested by the hero.

The producers on the other hand are in for a theatrical release and why wouldn’t they be? The film will be getting a good opening if not a bumper one considering Vijay’s current form.

A final decision hasn’t been taken yet seems like and if a call favoring the hero is taken, it will be the first time in Tollywood that this has happened.

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