Taxiwala jump starts promotions

Friday Nov 09, 2018
Taxiwala resumes promotions original

Taxiwala jump starts promotions

Vijay Deverakonda must be said to be having a deft promotional team and his recent promotional video of his upcoming release Taxiwala yet again proves the same point.

It is already known that Taxiwala movie has been leaked on the internet w while ago and the unit also pondered the possibility of releasing the whole movie via platforms like amazon prime or hotstar directly but then decided against it.

To get the buzz going now for the release on 17th, the unit have resorted to a promotional video trying to ooze the audience of a better output in theatres. The video has been made very well that would interest a viewer who might already have watched the movie about what more would be in store.

It will have to be seen if this gets the buzz going for the movie with just a week for the release now.

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