Tholiprema doesn’t repeat a Fidaa

Tuesday Feb 27, 2018
Tholiprema final boxoffice collections original

Tholiprema doesn’t repeat a Fidaa

Varun Tej’s Tholiprema might have opened to decent word of mouth but the movie hasn’t done wonders at the box office like his earlier blockbuster Fidaa.

Tholiprema slowed down its run at the box office after the second week and is now expected to be closing very soon with the final collections expected to just be hitting the 25 crore mark which is decent revenue considering the genre of the film and its appeal to mostly A class.

Fidaa which secured a much better talk did wonders at the box office nearly minting 50 crores and the run the film’s got can only be termed phenomenal. Varun Tej might have expected a similar kind of run to Tholiprema but not everything seemed to have worked in his favour.

Nonetheless, the film has managed to strike a chord with the audience and managed to close in on the breakeven status, making it yet another hit for Varun.

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