Tholiprema premieres from today

Thursday Feb 08, 2018
Tholiprema us premieres from today original

Tholiprema premieres from today

Varun tej is back again with yet another romantic entertainer and the movie which is slated for a release on the 10th of February will be screening the premieres from today in the US.

The movie was actually planned for a release on the 9th of February but moved down to 10th eventually after requested by the team of Inttelligent who were also planning for a release on the same day. The premieres however are being screened on the 8th as planned earlier.

Inttelligent on the other hand is not screening any premieres today with its release slated tomorrow.

Tholiprema, on the other hand is expected to open to good response given its trailer and other promotional content. The film has to itself some buzz going and the makers would only hope the premieres open to good response.

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