Top 5 movies of Pawan Kalyan and where Agnyaathavaasi stands

Tuesday Jan 09, 2018
Agnyaathavaasi collections expectation original

Top 5 movies of Pawan Kalyan and where Agnyaathavaasi stands

Power Star Pawan Kalyan is a name that needs no introduction and he is now ready to hit the screens with his Agnyaathavaasi which is slated for a release in a few minutes/hours from now in the US and in the Telugu speaking states.

The pre-sales in the US have already crossed the million dollar mark and the premieres are expected to mint in close to 1.5 million dollars if not more. The advances trend in the Telugu speaking states is no less as well and as much as 35 crores are being expected by the fans from AP and TG alone which is a whopping number.

Here are the top-5 movie of Pawan Kalyan and where Agnyaathavaasi stands a chance now

Atharintiki Daredi                             -                   75 crores

Gabbar Singh                                     -                   62 crores

Katamarayudu                                   -                   61 crores

Sardar Gabbar Singh                        -                   52 crores

Cameraman Ganga tho Rambabu   -                   34 crores


Where does Agnyaathavaasi stand now?

Well, the film will directly take the 5th place on day 1 itself for sure and is expected to be in the top 2 by the first 3 days. The film if secures a good talk will be crossing the 100 crore mark within the first 10 days itself and it will have to as well considering the breakeven mark for the movie is a good 125 crores+.

Good talk is all that is needed and if the movie secures that, then there’s no stopping this bulldozer at the box office.

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