US box office hit by bad weather

Tuesday Jan 02, 2018
Agnyavthavaasi us premieres original

US box office hit by bad weather

Tollywood is now running through a lean patch at the US box office with no movie securing a super positive talk. Adding to it are inclement weather conditions with heavy snowfall being registered in the US for the majority part.

Saturday which is usually a good day at the box office for Tollywood films is now only managing to mint in close to 100k$ with 3 films running and this number would usually be coming from a single movie given a decent talk on Saturdays.

The films running now are low-medium budget movies and the breakeven mark for them is on the lower side as well and such off days might still be acceptable but with films like Agnyaathavaasi around the corner and the stakes on it being high, how big a part will weather play? Let’s wait and watch.

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