Varun takes a bold step

Saturday Feb 10, 2018
Varun tej takes a bold step original

Varun takes a bold step

Varun Tej who’s now tasted back-to-back hits has surprised everyone by taking a bold new step on his next film and guess what, it will be a film based on outer space and a direct relation to Srihari Kota.

The hero made this announcement in one of his interviews and mentioned that he’s looking to it as the most prestigious movie in his career till now and added that he will be completely focusing on this film alone. He also mentioned that he hasn’t signed any other film yet.

The news is a surprise one to say the least considering that Varun is at the backing of a couple of hits now and anyone would have expected a commercial film as his next but the hero only had other plans.

Sankalp Reddy who’s earlier scored a hit with underwater drama Ghazi will be directing this movie.

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