What to watch out for: LIE premieres

Thursday Aug 10, 2017
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What to watch out for: LIE premieres

With only a few hours left to the screening of three crazy movies, the excitement is peaking with the fans and of all these, LIE would stand a clear favourite in the US given its teasers and trailers suit the taste of the US audience.

The things to watch out in the movie would be the chemistry of the lead pair and the different characterizations of the lead cast, especially the one of Arjun who plays the antagonist in the film. The songs have garnered good response as well and the movie is expected to open to a highest in Nithin’s career barring Trivikram’s A Aa.

The buzz on the film is positive as well and if the movie gets the word of mouth going, then it might well be the highest grosser of the three releases slated for the weekend.

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