Will the sentiment work out for Mahanati?

Tuesday May 08, 2018
Mahanati savitri release date original

Will the sentiment work out for Mahanati?

The unit of Mahanati have surprised everyone by announcing the release of their movie on a Wednesday and with no holiday in the first 3 days. The reasoning behind this was that the date was supposed to have provided blockbusters earlier for Tollywood.

Well, the sentiment might have taken its weightage in deciding the release date of the movie but it should be said that the decision is not a very wise one. With a weekday release, the opening day which is expected to mint in around 20% of the final collections will be limited to a meagre number and the advances of the film do not look great for the film at this moment.

On top of this, if the movie fails to secure a positive word of mouth, then the movie might fade out after the first 3 days and the weekend would only be fetching little to help the cause of the film. Even if the film secures a positive talk, the steam will be lost after the first 3 days as per the current trend in TFI and the weekend might still not be as huge as the unit would be expecting.

All corners considered, the release date does not seem to be a very bright one for Mahanati. Can it withstand the negatives and turn out another blockbuster at the box office this year?

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