Will there be no Sukumar again with Mahesh?

Wednesday Mar 06, 2019
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Will there be no Sukumar again with Mahesh?

What was just a simple tweet from super star Mahesh Babu about his movie not happening with Sukumar turns out wasn’t all that simple and a lot has happened behind the scenes before the confirmation came out.

It has been in circulation for long that the script of Mahesh-Sukumar film has been in discussions and well, it has been and the back-and-forth of this script has irked Sukumar to some extent. But due to goodwill with Mahesh, he was still willing to make some changes which is when the Allu camp stepped in, okayed the script and went ahead with the official confirmation.

The official announcement came in as a rude shock to Mahesh Babu who’s then diligently handled it by wishing the director good luck for the film.

But that’s not just it. Sources from super star camp say that the hero might not be willing work with the director again and that he’s extremely unhappy about the way things turned out.

Well, it might be difficult to say that their movie might not be happening at all in the future as the options for top heroes and directors are limited in Tollywood.

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