Will Tholiprema work in Raashi’s favour

Wednesday Feb 07, 2018
Raashi khanna tholiprema original

Will Tholiprema work in Raashi’s favour

Raashi Khanna, a name that has been doing rounds for a while in Tollywood and while the heroine has many appearances in the featuring list, they only bought little success or fame to the heroine thus keeping her in low light all the time.

Lady luck has been harsh on this beauty who’s suddenly grabbed an offer in Jai Lava Kusa out of nowhere and while she had all her hopes pinned on the film, it only turned out an average fare and what’s more, none of the two heroines received applause for their antics with NTR stealing all the glory with his acting.

The actress later had another big ticket entertainer in Touch Chesi Chudu recently but it only turned another disappointing fare bringing her back to square one and now she’s looking at Tholiprema for that big break.

Tell you what, the heroine is being considered as one of the positives for the film Tholiprema with the pairing with Varun looking great. And with some positive buzz on the movie, this might well become the break Raashi’s been awaiting for a while if the movie manages to pan out well on screen. Will Tholiprema really be working in Raashi’s favour? Let’s find out on the 10th.

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