Young hero gets alarmingly aloof

Friday Jun 08, 2018
Young hero gets aloof original

Young hero gets alarmingly aloof

This young hero hails from a family which enjoys a decent place in Tollywood with his father featuring in hundreds of films in a variety of roles. Of late, he is said to be growing alarmingly aloof and is cutting himself off from socializing as well now.

The hero’s last few films have bombed miserably at the box office and film makers are now not even interested to cast him in their upcoming projects with the hero’s films failing to mint in minimal numbers even with average word of mouth.

This non-acceptance of his films and no new offers is said to have grown big on the hero and he’s also had a dirty brawl at one of Hyderabad’s hangouts only recently. And now the hero is said to be cutting himself off from socializing with friends as well and his father is now worried over his son’s future.

The hero’s choice of scripts has been decent in the beginning of his career but has gone haywire of late and its been years since he scored a hit. Can he get out bright and get one hit his way?

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