Friday Dec 01, 2017
Jawaan review full original

Review: Jawaan

Actors : Sai Dharam Tej, Mehreen Pirzzada, Prasanna and others

Director: BVS Ravi

Music: S S Thaman

Producer: Arunachal Creations

Reviewed By : Team CG

Sai Dharam Tej who’s had a sour last couple of outings is back again with Jawaan and the film after a superb round of promotions is releasing today. The movie has been portrayed as a thriller right from the beginning and the unit has oozed confidence on the movie during the promotions. Has the movie lived up to the unit’s confidence? Let’s find out.


The story of the film is all about a weapon created by DRDO and like the usual, a villain tries to get hold of it. How the hero finds out the evil intentions, how he stops it, what happens after and how his family gets involved in this mess, where does Mehreen fit in all this drama forms the rest of the story.


Sai Dharam Tej suited the role well and has performed well for most parts except for some glitches here and there. The film has only so much emotion that has limited scope for performance and he did well with whatever he could. Mehreen is gaining weight with each movie and the hero himself calls her boddhu a couple of time in the film. Her antics aren’t great as well and dances are forgettable. Prasanna did okay but could have portrayed the evil character better. Rest of the crew is adequate.

Songs and Background Music:

Songs of the film are decent and the picturization is just okay and nothing really worth a special mention. Background music however is terrific and Thaman has done a superb job at it, especially with the villain’s theme.

Direction, Screenplay and Dialogues

The film’s story though usual has some pep to it and the set-up has been done pretty well initially. However, the narration is flat and never gives a high or that thrill feel except for few bits here and there. The pre-interval sequences will be the best moments of the film. The second half is usual cat-mouse play and bores you to some extent with a below par climax. Comedy quotient is on the lower side as well with the narration always sticking to the plot. Dialogues are ok and the dialogue on family and nation evoked whistles.


Cinematography is okay and while the films has been presented in a good manner, some scenes and songs show up blurred on screen which should have been taken care of. The lighting has been chosen to portray a semi-dark theme and it feels ok with the proceedings at viewing.

Technical Values:

Production values are ok and could have been better. Art work is decent with the film always revolving around 3-4 locations except for the songs. Costumes are just ok.


Overall, Jawaan is a film which has something for you but fails at keeping you engaged all the time. The first few minutes sets up the drama and gives you a feel of what is about to come and from then on, it is all routine except for a few scenes here and there. With no real ups in the narration, the screenplay falls flat and with a below par climax, the film ends up as an average watch. Love track isn’t great as well and so songs do not gel all that well with the proceedings.


You “may” watch it

Tag line:

Regular Jawaan.


Rating : 2.75/5


Our prediction:

AP/TG audience                   :           Below average - Average

US/ROW                               :           Flop



0 – Stay Away at any cost

1 – Stay Away

2 – Watch at your discretion

3 – You may watch it

4 - Do not miss it

5 – You’ll miss a lot if you don’t watch it

NA – Not rating this genre.

The fractions are an indication to whether the movie is closer to the better side or the bad.

P.S: This review is the view of the reviewer only and is not meant to drive/stop people watching the film. Please watch the movie only in theatres.

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