Friday Sep 29, 2017
Mahanubhavudu review full original

Review: Mahanubhavudu

Actors : Sharwanand, Mehreen Pirzzada, Nazir and others

Director: Maruthi

Music: Thaman S S

Producer: UV Creations

Reviewed By : Team CG

After some super impressive trailers and teasers and a decent amount of promotions, Maruthi and Sharwanand’s next is making its way to the screens today. Titled Mahanubhavudu, the movie has all promise to be an out and out entertainer with a heavy dose of comedy. With the makers confident on releasing the film amidst competition from two other biggies, it should be deemed the movie would be a hit, but is it really? Let’s find out.


Story of the film is about a guy who is obsessive about cleanliness aka OCD and how his life takes a U turn when the love of his enters his life. How his OCD becomes the reason for his break up, how the hero wins back his love forms the rest of the story.


Sharwanand and Mehreen share the maximum space on screen and their performances are good. Sharwanand’s comedy timing has improved a lot and he tried to do a Nani in BBM which worked out well for him as well. His performance in the interval sequence is top notch. Mehreen provides the glam quotient and does her part pretty well. Nazir gets a meaty role and he’s done his usual self. Vennela Kishore yet again provides some hilarious one liners.

Songs and Background Music:

Songs of the film are good and the picturization is good as well .The timing of the songs is not bad either and goes along with the flow with the songs in the first half better than the second. Background music from Thaman is good and he’s lifted(copied rather?) a recent Hollywood tune for the theme of Mahanubhavudu.

Direction, Screenplay and Dialogues

Maruthi has chosen his plot as OCD this time around and follows more or less the same template as Bhale Bhale Mogadivoy. While the latter turned out hilarious, this one does not meet that level but is still decent. While the first few minutes set up the character of the hero well and his love, the remaining part deals about the break up and how he wins his love back with a touch of comedy. Comedy in the second half worked out very well and it would have made a great watch had the climax been good. A hurried and below par climax spoils the fun a bit.


Cinematography is rich in the film and the film is presented in great light. The film carries a rich feel all through except for some sequences which seemed too blur on the screen.

Technical Values:

Production values from UV creations are excellent as expected and the film is showcased in very good quality. Art work is good as well and the village sequences carried that feel around with a choice of good locations.


Overall, Mahanubhavudu will make a decent watch and though not a hilarious entertainer, the film still has a good dose of comedy, especially in the second half. Good songs and lead pair’s chemistry and performances will make sure the movie is worth your money.


You may watch it.

Tag line:

“O”kay “C”ommerical “D”rama


Rating : 3/5


Our prediction:

AP/TG audience                   :           Hit

US/ROW                               :           Hit



0 – Stay Away at any cost

1 – Stay Away

2 – Watch at your discretion

3 – You may watch it

4 - Do not miss it

5 – You’ll miss a lot if you don’t watch it

NA – Not rating this genre.

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