Mahanubhavudu trailer impresses

Monday Sep 18, 2017
Mahanubhavudu trailer impresses full review original

Mahanubhavudu trailer impresses

Sharwanand might have surprised one and all by announcing his movie amidst stiff competition from Jai Lava Kusa and Spyder but the theatrical trailer shows why the unit seemed to have extreme confidence on their product. Yes, the theatrical trailer of the film is nothing short of impressive and the film will have its share of audience to open well even with stiff competition.

The trailer which is rich in quality and pleasing to watch on screen promises the film to be a comedy fest with a romantic track cooked with spice of the chemistry between the hero Sharwanand and his love interest Mehreen Pirzzada.

 The twist in the tale seems to occur when the family of the heroine doesn’t want the marriage to happen and the hero seemingly will be moving to their house to win their love, thus getting over his OCD in the process.

While the movie seems to be more on the lines of Venkatesh’s Aaduvari Matalaku Arthale Verule, a good dose of comedy has been showcased in the trailer with it clicking well and the movie should only have more of it.

All said, it is a blockbuster teaser from the unit of Mahanubhavudu and the movie will for sure be opening well now and who knows, it might well be the dark horse winning the race this Dussera, might not be in sheer numbers but on the return of investment.

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