Friday Oct 13, 2017
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Review: Raju Gari Gadhi 2

Actors : Nagarjuna, Samantha, Seerat Kapoor, Vennela Kishore, Shakalaka Shankar and others

Director: Ohmkar

Music: Thaman S

Producer: PVP Cinema and Matinee Entertainments

Reviewed By : Team CG

King Nagarjuna is back again with yet another different script and his Raju Gari Gadhi 2 is all set for screening from today across the world. The film has created to itself some buzz with an interesting trailer and looked to better its predecessor Raju Gari Gadhi in all ways. With an interesting star cast, the film sure managed to create some interest but has the film carried the interest through, let’s find out.


A group of friends run a resort and problem comes in to their life when an evil force starts troubling them. They seek help of a mentalist who comes to solve their problem. How he uncovers who’s behind the happenings and how he finds out what happened and what happens thereafter forms the rest of the story.


Ohmkar should be commended for a superb cast selection and all the roles fit their bill perfectly with Nagarjuna and Samantha playing their best. Seerat Kapoor provides that oomph factor and Vennela Kishore and Shankar provide some comic relief. Nagarjuna does very well as a mentalist and the logics used by him in the movie are good. Samantha did well for the most part except for the final few minutes which seemed to not suit her. Rest of the crew is adequate.

Songs and Background Music:

Background music is one highlight of the film and is superb. The music keeps you hooked to the screen and the suspense is superbly carried in horror scenes. Sentiment scenes also have been carried beautifully well with the background music as it never overdoes the proceedings. Overall, music will stand as a positive of the film.

Direction, Screenplay and Dialogues

The story of the film has surprisingly a lot of variety to it, not in terms of freshness to it but the dimensions to its genre. You may not just call it a horror-comedy as it is much more. And Ohmkar does well with almost all the departments with the first half setting up the plot with some decent comedy and good horror scenes building up the ghost presence. While more horror in the second half might have been expected, the film takes you into a different mode, into heavy sentiment, which might turn out a disappointment who are expecting some spine chilling moments. Sentiment scenes have worked out decently well as well making it a decent watch. Climax is simple and will be liked by families.


Cinematography is rich in the film and the film is showcased extremely well. Whilst dark to suit the horror theme, the film never loses on detail and lighting has been used to very good effect making it a very good watch on screen.

Technical Values:

Production values from PVP cinema are excellent and while the cinema has nothing much in terms of different or exotic locales, the setup which has been used is showcased well and the get ups of all the characters are made sure they offer some variety. VFX work is simple and while it does not provide a wow factor, it goes down well.


Overall, Raju Gari Gadhi 2 is a good watch which keeps you engaged for the most part of it. The director has tried to balance two segments of the audience with his two halves, the youth segment and family audience and it will be interesting to see how the film fares at the box office. If you are expecting raw horror throughout, you might be a bit disappointed. Families might enjoy this drama a bit more.


Makes a good watch.

Tag line:

A sentimental HorCom.  


Rating : 3.25/5


Our prediction:

AP/TG audience                   :           Hit

US/ROW                               :           Hit



0 – Stay Away at any cost

1 – Stay Away

2 – Watch at your discretion

3 – You may watch it

4 - Do not miss it

5 – You’ll miss a lot if you don’t watch it

NA – Not rating this genre.

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