Spyder trailer review

Friday Sep 15, 2017
Mahesh spyder trailer review original

Spyder trailer review

Mahesh Babu’s Spyder theatrical trailer is open for viewing finally and the team had to release the trailer hurriedly after it has been leaked in the social media. Has the trailer set the expectations soaring for the film? Let’s find out.

The set up

The trailer starts up pretty well by setting up the hero’s character and what he does in the film as in IB officer. Mahesh is his usual handsome self and his screen presence is terrific.

Love is in the air

The trailer slowly gets into the love track and Rakul Preet’s styling to start with is disappointing and though she looks her pretty self in few shots, the geeky look doesn’t suit her all that well. Ciciliya song along with the title song get their share in the trailer.

The actual plot

And finally the trailer gets to the actual plot of conflict between a psychopath and the hero who’s trying to stop him. This part has its elements with some curiosity around the variety of weapons the antagonist uses and the audience also seem to be in for some emotional ride with a decent dose of family elements.


The trailer sets the expectations in check for the audience and while raw elevations may not be expected like a mass-masala entertainer, the film seems to have its moments. It will be all about mind games and how the audience connect to this emotion will have a say on this movie’s fate.

All said, it is a typical A R Murugadoss’s trailer which seems to follow his usual trailer cut formula which caters more to a Tamil film buff than Tollywood.

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