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Tuesday Jun 26, 2018
Tej i love you trailer review original

Tej ILU trailer disappoints

Sai Dharam Tej who is running through a tough patch is all set for the release of his next movie and the unit of the film titled Tej I Love you has released the theatrical trailer of the movie earlier yesterday.

While the trailer looked to showcase the bright side of the movie, the cut is disappointing to say the least with comedy working only in feeble parts. The quality looks subpar and Sai Dharam tej looks terribly out of shape. He might need to take a call on his diet and exercise habits at once.

Background music is just ok and the story looks an age old story and hints of the movie resembling Darling here and there are thrown.

Overall, the trailer is not definitely one that Sai needs at this moment and it will have to be seen whether the movie and its comedy strikes a chord with the audience.

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