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Friday Sep 15, 2017
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Review: Ungarala Rambabu

Actors : Sunil, Mia George, Prakash Raj and others

Director: Kranthi Madhav

Music: Ghibran

Producer: Paruchuri Kireeti

Reviewed By : Team CG

Sunil who is swimming the tide with his career as a hero is ready yet again with yet another movie of his and his Ungarala Rambabu is all set for a screening from today in the Telugu speaking states. The film which has managed to create a bit of interest with the second trailer is hoping the positive tide continues for the film. Has it really? Let’s find out.


Sunil is a rich guy who inherits wealth from his grandfather but loses all his wealth after the demise of his grandfather. How he gets to making money again, how he meets his love interest in the process and how he wins the love of her family forms the rest of the story.


Sunil is becoming monotonous. Though he is able to emote decently, the story provides nothing much in scope of performance to him and his comedian body language could be seen which looks odd at times. Prakash Raj does very well with a serious role and Mia George is just okay. Rest of the crew is adequate with Posani and Vennela Kishore managing to evoke some laughs (very minor though).

Songs and Background Music:

Songs of the film are not so great and neither does the picturization help them. Background music is decent and helps the proceedings a bit but it could still have been better.

Direction, Screenplay and Dialogues

Kranthi Madhav who’s done wonders with love story in MMIRR has faltered this time and has tried to force comedy into his script which doesn’t work out at all. Poor comedy combined with a lacklustre screenplay makes the movie a below par watch. The second half gets into serious mode at times but with no emotional connect to the movie, it becomes a pain to watch on screen. Dialogues are not great as well as nothing works out for the movie well.


Cinematography is decent especially  in the second half and the film has been presented in rich light.

Technical Values:

Production values are decent and the film has been presented in a good light. Art work is decent and the village atmosphere has been managed in decent manner in the second half.


Overall, Ungarala Rambabu is another one which goes down the drain for Sunil and he should seriously consider trying out new scripts even if they fail. This film which has literally nothing on offer might end up as one of the lowest in Sunil’s career and might even be his biggest flop yet.


Skip it.

Tag line:

Ungaram pani cheyyan Rambabu!!


Rating : 2/5


Our prediction:

AP/TG audience                   :           Flop

US/ROW                               :           Disaster

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